Tuesday, 12 March 2013

World Book Day...

I really wanted to do this post last thursday, but unfortunately I didn't get time.  Every year the school has a 'World Book Day', where all the children get dressed up as their favourite character in a book.

Here is Kiefer who wanted to be Ice Bird, he is one of the Angry Bird's... I thouroughly enjoyed creating his costume... it was like being back at Art School, the good old days! He looks rather pleased, actually all the kids, even the high school kids loved it too :)

Here is a better photograph of it... ooop's i've just deleted my photograph of Ice Bird's back :(

...and here is my beautiful daughter, looking rather cheeky as 'Elizabeth Swan' out of the 'Pirates of the Caribbean'...  This was the first time I tried sewing an outfit for her, as it was on the last minute I just pinned some fabric that I had around her and cut away...  I don't think I did a bad job after all.

I do hope that you've enjoyed looking... I will try to do another post sometime this week and it's my birthday on friday.

God Bless and hope to see you soon...

Joanne Xx

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