Thursday, 9 August 2012

My Wedding Day

It's the 28th July and our wedding day has finally arrived...  ummm those few weeks of planning finally paid off, who says that you can't get married in under 3 months?  I had less than 8 weeks from when we got the date and between me and my mum had arranged the whole event within 4 hours... and to be honest the whole day turned out really well too.
Horse Drawn Carriage... (the horse was called Bluebell)

Church... Ansdell Baptist, Lytham St Annes. 
Here is my daughter Annelise, my beautiful flower girl - I think she was in her element here...

Me, Dad and my bridesmaid /Yvonne (my bessie, whom I've known since Art School).

Ummm, me & John all giggly... nerves, I think!

Steve, who is also a good friend... he married us.

Finally the signing of the Register...

My little Family...

Mum, Dad, Me, John & the Children...

Bride, Groom, Best Man & Bridesmaid...

 Me, John, Steve & Alyson (she's like my big sis)

Me & my good friend Becks (another SU Demonstrator) - Shouting AR Rocks, (please... don't ask ) -lol we may offend!!!

Reception... Tolley's Ryecroft Hall, Hambleton.
Oh you can see my place settings, party favours & paper flowers... theyr'e looking great.

Dad's Speech... He was well nervous! Don't know why, he's now finally shut of me!!

Me & John cutting the Wedding Cake... Ummm we love CAKE (below is a close up)

Our Honeymoon - Augill Castle.
It was starting to get dark by the time we arrived at Augill Castle.  Wendy and Simon the owner's welcomed us and another member of staff Wendy took some photographs of us outside.

and finally here's me...  I'm usually hiding behind my avatar, WOOee the owl!!

John seems to be in his element here...I think he's found his throne!

This is the dining room... I think I ate enough for two as I practically starved yesterday!!!

 Our Castle Bedroom - The Brackenber

Our suite 'The Brackenber' was situated on the first floor inside the main castle and if you look to the left of the above photo you notice a doorway, which is a turret that has been transformed into a wardrobe - wow
and if you look to the right you can see the side of the window (below is a photo of the window itself)

Just think at some point in history people used to shoot arrows through this window and now i;m hanging my clothes up inside it!!!

Below is another view of the turret from outside the castle, it is towards the right side of the photograph (i've just squeezed it on).
Oh and if you look at the bottom of the photo you can see my Augill Castle teddy on top of the car roof!!
I will do another post hopefully sometime over the weekend, showing you all my wedding invitations, party favours, place settings and table decorations (they were so loved that everybody was asking me if they could take them home with them, unfortunatly there wasn't enough to go round).

I do hope that you have enjoyed looking and I would like to personally thank all my close friends for attending, plus a massive TY for all the lovely gifts we received too.


Joanne x


Becka said...

Your a beautiful Bride and the Groom. (AR Rocks Forever) xxxx

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Looks like you had a great day.

Gill x

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