Friday, 20 July 2012

Bye Bye Teacher's of 2012

Well it's that time of year yet again, when we say a 'Big Thank You' to the Teacher's for doing such a wonderful job (being hen-pecked by children all day long is not my idea of fun - lol).  I cannot believe how quick it comes round and that my children are growing up so darn quick, my daughter will be in double figures in October :( boo hoo... my baby girl has grown up so fast and is now turning into a little lady.

Anyhow here are just a few of the cards that I have made for the Teacher's / Teaching Asst for Annelise & Kiefer, plus a few other goodies inc chocolate... I do hope they enjoy them.

Kiefer's Teacher - Miss Allen (Kief will really miss her, she's fantastic and he loves her to bits)

Annelise's Teacher Miss Monaghan has a similar card in red and the same Post-it Notebook and Bookmark but in pink.

Here are some other goodies that we made for Miss Allen too... 

               A Owl Post-it Note holder with Penicl
               A Owl Bookmark & a Hershey's chocolate

Mrs Hamilton / Kiefer's Teaching Asst

Also a 'Big Thank You' to Mrs Hamilton who has done so much to help Kiefer this year, she has encouraged and pushed him, which has paid off as he has shown a vast improvement.

Please feel free to e-mail me for a list of Stampin' Up! products used for any of the above, as there are too many to list and let me know what item you are interested in.

Take care for now & please feel free to leave me a comment
Joanne x

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