Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Kiefer's Work of Art

I wanted to show my son's 'Work of Art', which was created from a few scraps of paper that i had thrown into my desktop art bin whilst i was in the middle of making a card.  He was playing with these bits and said "mum, look at what i've made" so i said i would pop it onto my blog and show off his little work of art...

What you thing... Comments on a postcard please....

Hugs x


Annika said...

I had to laugh! Kids see the most unexpected things in just couple of pieces of scrap! I think its very creative and a totally cool (if a bit mean) looking creature! :)

Kate's Makes said...

Oh bless, what a fab creation Kiefer! x

Tracey said...

Well Done Kiefer! This is fantastic :)


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